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JP Houster Choice recognizes that our commercial clients are key contributors to our success. This is why we invite you to join our co-operative alliance of builders and general contractors. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, and with your track record, there is no doubt you are equally committed.

We believe a partnership with us is something you will see immediate value in.

About Us

JP Houster Choice is known for consistently delivering high-quality materials and exceeding customer expectations. We select qualified contractors who are guided by the same values. Our goal is to develop partnerships with qualified contractors like you.
We understand that our partners are key contributors to our success. For 14 years, we have been trying to expand our network of contractors with various professions committed to supporting these values   and services for our clients.

Aluplast IDEAL 4000 

Window and Door System

The Aluplast group is one of the most dynamic international producers of window and door profile systems and is today the third largest single systems brand in Europe.
The IDEAL 4000 fits beautifully
on any elevation regardless of the style of the property. It can be used for new construction buildings and as a replacement for existing ones.  
The system is characterized by many advanced design features, enabling simple and economical production and installation.
It meets the requirements of today's trends and it will continue to stand out in future.

70 Frame Depth (mm)

5   Chambers

2   Gaskets

41 Glazing Maximum

     Thicknes (mm)



IDEAL 4000 System provides for easy and cost-effective fabrication of the following types:

  • Inward opening Tilt windows

  • Inward opening Turn windows

  • French Window or Double Windows inward opening

  • French or Double Doors – inward or outward opening

  • Aluskin - an external clad on a profile

IDEAL 4000  System is energy-efficient due to its five chambers which provide a superb thermal and acoustic insulation performance. Having an A+ rating for material type from the Building Research Establishment in its Green Guide makes the IDEAL 4000 the most sustainable window and door system options.


IDEAL 4000  System is eco-friendly due to its outstanding quality and long service life. It is made of raw materials that are based on a calcium-organic chemical compound that is strictly lead-free. We offer a five-year warranty. 
IDEAL 4000 profile depth of 70mm also allows for easy installation into most building details; enabling installers to fix back to the internal plaster line and still cover
any remaining paint lines on the external substrate. It also allows for triple-glazed high-performance units. Such as depth size permits for galvanized steel inserts, making windows and doors difficult to break in. 
Windows and doors from Aluplast can be fully customized to the customer's needs and style. They come in various sizes, colors, and imitation effects such as woodgrain. 


If you have a color from a different paint brand that you’re trying to match, let us know and we’ll do our best to find the right RAL color that would match the closest to your request. 
(Please note: We would need the name of the paint brand and the name or ID number of the paint to make an accurate color match. A photograph of a painted window or door would be insufficient to correctly determine a near perfect match.)


***any color from the RAL color palette available upon request



The Ideal 4000 aluskin is a highly innovative ‘click-and-fit’ aluminum exterior window and door cladding system. It is a great alternative to aluminum windows with the added benefit of outstanding WER Ratings.
Features and advantages of aluskin cover plates:

  • painting, powder coating, and anodizing of external surfaces is possible

  • rich colors from the RAL color palette

  • modern and exclusive design of aluminum exterior surfaces at an  affordable price

  • increased durability

  • plates are joined at an angle of 90 degree, giving window very interesting  look

aluskin aluplast
Aluplast aluskin.png
slade door



  • available in various size, shape, and color



  • customized to match the style of the home

  • installed inside the glass of the windows

  • colors: white, brown, and black


  • three different styles: Day & Night, Cellular, and Shades

  • large variety of colors and thicknesses

window girds
Stacks of Windows


euro windows

STEP 01- Costumer orders

STEP 02 - Order is processed

euro windows
euro window

STEP 03 - Order approved by                 client

STEP 04 - Payment is made

euro windows
euro windows

STEP 05 - Packing Starts

STEP 06 - Order is shipped

euro windows
euro windows

STEP 07 - Product is successfully delivered

*Price depends on the configuration, dimensions, and other client’s needs
**Delivery: each order is processed a nd delivered in accordance with arrangements; the size and variety of the order might affect the delivery time.

Thank You

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