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Ultra modern solution


Our windows are made to the highest quality standards and are characterized by innovation and functional solutions, security and care for energy-saving measures. Sophisticated profile shapes, a wide choice of colors and accessories - these are the elements that distinguish our windows from all the others.

Aside from the visual quality and design that matches the architecture of the building, you should also take into consideration the comfort of use and, most of all, the protection level against external factors. For this reason, it is worth learning the parameters that should be considered when choosing the window, and what to ask the salesperson before making the final decision.


Ideal 4000

EuroView 70

Ideal Solution

  • 70 mm - construction depth

  • 1.3 W/m2K Uf value

  • 0.76 W/m2K - Best Uw value

  • Up to RC2 - Safety

  • Up to 45 db - sound insulation

The Aluplast Ideal 4000 is a window system that uses all the benefits of uPVC to satisfy the acoustic, thermal, security and structural commercial requirements.

With its European engineering, the Ideal 4000 system is among the highest-performing windows on the market today. High thermal insulation values lead to cost savings and the reduction of energy use. The 70mm profile thickness is designed for wide spans, and these windows are built to fit, produced in a technical tradition, and adapted to the needs of your building and its architecture. 

Aluplast Ideal windows are available in a wide range of styles, with many accessories available and can easily be adapted for the needs of your building and its architecture.

Select white or colorful profiles, add distinguishing details like glazing-bars, or choose special shapes like round top, circle top, triangle or gable. Choose from many options to complement your individual style.


Thermal and Sound Barier

Tilt & Turn Window
Tilt and Turn window is a dual-functioning window designed to provide ventilation, security, emergency egress and easy cleaning from the inside. With single handle operation, simply turn the handle 90° and the window swings inward. This turn function may be key operated for safety. Turn the handle 180° and the window tilts into a secure position at the top, providing ventilation and security.

Handle Position

Slide Position

Tilt Position

Close Position

Tilt and Slide Doors
The Parallel Tilt and Slide door can be operated in three positions: closed, tilt and slide. Turn the handle 90° and the door automatically opens into a secured tilt position at the top, ideal for ventilation. A further 90° downward twist of the handle and the door swings out at the bottom and will slide parallel in a horizontal direction to a typical open position. Even a door or sash that weights up to 440 pounds can easily be operated with one hand. With the multi-lock security concept, the locking mechanism is protected by specific security against forced entry; by design, lifting and prying the sliding sash open is extremely difficult.

 Parallel Tilt and Slide Door


Sliding Fixed


Fixed Sliding


Sliding Turn


Turn Sliding


Fixed Sliding Fixed


Turn Sliding Turn


Sliding Fixed Sliding



Fixed Sliding Sliding Fixed
Turn Sliding Sliding Turn
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