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Complete roof-vent with roof pass-through, installed directly on PVC pipe, flat and standing seam roof.
Rotating roof-vent harnesses wind power which supports air circulation.

NORMAL T51 TURBO PRO with condensate draining

$175.00 Regular Price
$157.50Sale Price
  • Technical data:

    • Roof surface: flat and standing seam roof, classic rib

    • Type: non-insulated

    • Adjustable angle: 5-45

    • Dimensions: DN6/H22.5in

    • Package: 1pc/set

    • Box size: 17x11x20

    • Quantity on euro-pallet (71in): 24 pcs

    • Net weight: 4.74 lbs

    • Gross: 6.39 lbs

    • Built-in level

    • Material: PP-polypropylene dyed in mass UV stabilized

    • Roof Vent
    • Pass through
    • Butyl seal
    • 16 pcs of former screws in roof-vent color
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