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Excellent offer of Worthouse manufactory includes a full line of specialty steel roofing accessories designed specifically for our metal tile roofing systems. From the fascia edge pieces, chimney flashing, corner fittings, to drip edge metal roof accessories, Worthouse has it all – always designed to last for decades. No need to waste the time on the job site cutting or custom fitting the elements – simply use our steel roofing components from our broad inventory. You will not only find all kinds of steel roof accessories custom engineered for our modular roofing systems, but even the finishing screws specifically designed to fasten your roofing together. Such professional approach and understanding the needs of the roofing crews, ensures top quality and excellence of the systems that are constructed to last for decades. Choose Worthouse and accept no less than the best for your next metal roofing installation, guaranteeing to get the job finished fast and with no trouble at the same time.


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