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Twin Exterior Doors

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of Stile type exterior doors, made of glued laminated timber. Our doors are trendy and functional in many variants, 2 11/16in, 3 1/16in, or 3 7/16in thickness.

Twin exterior doors warrantee’s proper protection from a cold-weather temperature, which is essential, especially from the outside continuously exposed to weather conditions and should be appropriately secured and protected.

Thanks to our reliable and durable construction with 1 1/4in thermal insulation panel in the center, and pine plywood or waterproof oak tree coverage, they are resistant to the passage of time and various types of damages. Our hydrodynamic paint coating provides much more vivid colors and long-lasting durability doors.

Stile exterior doors are made with the highest quality materials - including paints and varnishes, after years, the door does not show any chipping or fading with time.

All models from above categories are available in the colors shown below:


Twin Exterior Door

Twin Exterior Door


Our hybrid doors are a top-quality product, equipped with all recognized security systems, such as anti-theft frames and hinges adjustable in various dimensions. It allows you to reduce the risk of burglary and ensures security at the highest level. The use of high-quality wood makes them presentable and protects against any attempts of intrusion. The basis to produce a reliable product is quality control, which takes place at every stage of operation. Thanks to this, we can confidently say that our products are the top products in this category currently available on the market.


Doors that will fit anywhere


Stile Doors are for homes, hotels, and public facilities to outline effective design, beautiful finish, and proven protection. Specially designed panels give a very high sense of security with fashionable designs that make interiors look stunning and exterior door entrance more effective and more precious to the entire building. The door as the whole design is a combination of functionality and efficiency, with a finishing touch of a premium product. Made only from the best materials, Stile Doors guarantee their durability and consistency for many years. Stile exterior doors made with the highest quality materials - including paints and varnishes, after years, the door does not show any chipping or fading with time. We encourage you to choose the best entries from Houster Choice’s offer!




Exterior Hardware

Exterior Hardware

Technical Parameters

door cross section TWIN Houster Choice.p


Standard equipment for the door (2 11/16in):

  • Wing with a thickness of 68 mm and a permeability thermal k 1.2 W / sqm

  • Fixed frame was 4 1/8in × 2 3/8in

  • Gasket/seal in the wing and frame

  • Two independent locks

  • The glazing combined set with glass flat reflex or matte glass

  • Three adjustable hinges regulated in 3 plains

  • Clip-on hinges

  • Wooden threshold with an aluminum strips


Doors made of pine wood (finger jointed, glued layers and laminated alternately), veneered waterproof plywood /pine or oak/, filling the frame is a thermal insulation panel with a thickness 1 1/4in


Five layers of coating system using the method of hydrodynamic transparent painting in 12 colors or colors from the RAL palette.


Glazing set combined with glass reflex or matte glass with the possibility to use (optional) various windows, including ornaments and stained glass. At the door their possibility of converting wood panels on the glazing and vice versa.


Exterior doors are available in standard sizes with no additional charge. Also available in custom and untypical dimension, higher than 83 7/16in and broader than 40 3/16in. The maximum width is 44 1/8in.

The dimensions of insert lock:

Doors open to the outside: 45 Knob / 50 
The door opened inwards: 50 Knob / 45

Technical Parameters

Door Configuration

Single Door
Double Door
Single Door
One Sidelight
Single Door
Two Sidelight
Door Configuration
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